Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spoiler Aliert: I'm a wreck.

I really wanted to try to meet up with some old college friends in Mobile on my drive to SRLC, but it looks like that might not happen. Hopefully I'll at least be able to grab a latte from Carpe Diem.

I stayed in last night and charged electronics, located all of my elusive cordage, and started packing... but then I started getting one of my lovely little migraines, so I knocked myself out and got up around 8 for a meeting about Alabama Book Festival vendors. It was an important meeting; we discovered that I've mucked up and we've over-reserved tents. Brilliant.

I was a bit panicked about being behind, but Ali just let me know they are about 6 hours from here and I have plenty of time to lollygag. Which is good because I'm about to get a manicure and shut my brain down for an hour. Screw it.

PS: I'm staying in a house with 6 boys. Including this guy. Please send prayers and estrogen my direction.