Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Off Buttons Are For The Unproductive.

I've moved Goodwyn Bear to the foot of my bed. He's usually situated right beside me as I sleep, nestled beside my cheek like the dear old friend that he is.

He has been replaced.

By Blackberry Bear.

Slightly less cuddly with arguably fewer bacteria colonies, but such a comfort.

For weeks I kept saying "I absolutely must stop bringing electronics to bed" but then I gave it a good mull and thought... whatever for? I'm the grown up now and if I want to live on chocolate slim fast and carrot sticks for a month, I will. If I want to wear the same pair of jeans four times without washing them, don't try to stop me. If I wake up and realize I'm actually on top of my blackberry every evening just to make it that much easier to stay connected (which, in turn, helps me finally coax myself into sleeping for a few hours)... judge away, dear reader. I'm Lyndsey Fifield... and there is no off button.

I think I am one of those people who require less sleep in order to be ridiculously productive. Either that or I've gotten really good at faking it.