Monday, August 29, 2011


I think my most overused expression lately is that I feel my heart could, at any moment, explode from happiness. I walk around on a little cloud, excited about what might come next. Life isn't just good—it's amazing.

Last week my dad called me while I was waiting in an airport. His torment was palpable. The divorce is absolutely destroying him and he is lost in an ocean, despondent and afraid, but worst of all, alone. He asked me something that stood out: "Do you ever feel like your heart could just explode?"

It's hard for me to tell anyone to put their shoulders back and rise above their circumstances—in my experience, people are either equipped to handle trials or they aren't. But it's different because it's my dad. I can't imagine 30 years from now having a child comforting me over the phone, "just hold on, mom, take a deep breath and get through this."

I replied, "yeah dad, all the time."