Monday, October 08, 2012

Treat Yoself, 28 Days Edition

This weekend we threw a surprise party for Allison (I mean, really, I should be paid to throw events at this point). We made punch and a really hideous cake and stole a golden retriever. You're welcome, Allison!

Did you think I was kidding? No, seriously, the cake was gloriously ugly.

Also not lying about the golden retriever. After we surprised Allison, Caroline and I went out front and started rambling about how we should have borrowed a dog for her birthday since she's absolutely more obsessed with dogs than we are (which is saying a lot).

Then a guy walked by with the above dog and I said, "excuse me, sir..."

He stayed long enough to drink a stella while we literally rolled around on the floor with the darling.

So yeah, I know how to throw a party.


Don't worry, America—the ladies of CRAFT are on the case.

Happy Monday!