Thursday, April 08, 2010

We're Not at CPAC Anymore.

This morning we're heading to the conference to get things established on blogger row. Apparently some people in my group think that it will be like a school lunch table and that we should arrive early in order to select seats like the popular kids.

I was home schooled and am unimpressed by this idea.

I'm going to have to assert myself and establish the fact that I am one of those rare humans that requires a decent night of sleep and much prefer waking up at 4am to do my best work than going to sleep at 3am after doing shoddy work. It does not compute with these people yet, but it will.

I did yoga on the kitchen mat this morning. It actually has all the finer qualities of an actual yoga mat so I didn't hurt myself and I feel like I've had more than three hours of sleep. Which I haven't.

I also just discovered that last night, on some back road in Louisiana, the prayer I was fervently praying aloud to Jesus to help find me a gas station and save me from alligators and rednecks was all wrong. Apparently my memory really stinks and I am a bad Anglican.

I am sitting at the dining room table with a French press of tea, velcro rollers in my hair, waiting for the boys to get ready. Kind of strange how that works; no matter how hard I try to be the girl that takes a long time and makes everyone late, it is always the opposite.

I am hoping that my overall impression of the few people I met last night is not indicative of the whole conference. If it is... we're not at CPAC anymore.