Thursday, November 04, 2010

On Winning, Losing, and Knowing the Difference

I drove to Georgia last week to help Team McKinney cross the finish line. In a district designed for a Democrat to win, we came within an impressive striking distance of joining the overwhelming conservative victories on Tuesday night.

During Ray's concession speech, he emphatically rejected the notion that his race was a loss; at that point in the evening we knew Republicans had taken back the House and that, explained Ray, was an incredible victory. For the people of his district—19 of 22 counties of which overwhelmingly supported him—he urged that they not lose hope and commit to maintain their enthusiasm in 2012.

Ray's experience in the private sector and strong background in nuclear energy would have made him an asset in Washington. It was an honor to work with and learn from him.

I left rural Georgia with mud on my cowboy boots, a wellspring of emotions, and a wealth of new experience and stories. Road trips are a perfect time to reflect.

I tuned the dial to an NPR station.

The discussion was a lengthy, hyper-intellectual analysis of what message the American people were sending Washington. Does it mean they are rejecting Obama's policies? Heavens, no! Does it mean Democrats failed to listen to their constituents? Of course not. The simpleton, uneducated electorate fell prey to their fears and used their vote as one, big temper tantrum.

Then came the Obama press conference. As multiple reporters asked him variations of the same question (do you think the American people are hostile to your agenda?) with no clear answer, it became evident that the President blatantly refuses to see the results of this election for what they are: a clarion call to change his direction.

It blows my mind that voters sent such an unmistakable message to Obama and Democrats in Congress and they still approach the results as if there is room for conjecture. It lends the question when will they get it? January? Until they claw the gavel from Nancy Pelosi's cold, botoxed hand? 2012? When? When will they look around, take an inventory, and see that the American people have purposefully and lucidly taken back every bit of power and trust they once bestowed upon them?