Thursday, January 06, 2011

If I'm Well Enough to Blog, Am I Really Sick?

I am writing from the comfortable couch in Bethany's Dupont apartment, covered in a fuzzy, pink blanket, sucking a cough drop (confession: I've gone through half a bag in less than an hour), thinking thoughts of wellness. I can't take Nyquil to knock myself out because I promised Bethany I would stay conscious for the Peapod and KosherMart deliveries. So I will blog.

I'm kind of mad at my immune system at the moment. I know I've just completely upturned my schedule, I get that, but I've compensated with tons of vitamins, healthy foods, water, exercise, and sleep... spotty, cat nap sleep, but sleep nonetheless. I use hand sanitizer every time I get off the metro. I wash my hands constantly. I drink copious cups of tea. I do everything right...

... but here I sit, wondering "is this a cold? The flu? ... Malaria?"

In other news, earlier this week I finally contributed my first editorial to Pundit League. A little rant on feminism just to say "hello, Pundit League readers."