Friday, April 01, 2011

She looks like a girl who walks with her feet.

I think I've failed to fully note that living with Tabitha and Sarah is an adventure.

If I had a normal, human schedule I'm sure it would be even more incredible. Sarah's boyfriend is visiting from Colorado and they haven't come up for air... neither Tabitha nor I have met this man yet. Of course he only just got here last night, but I am suspicious.

Yesterday Tabitha bought fish. We all crave pets. We compromised on fish as she originally wanted a snake. I said no. I think I may actually wind up getting a fish as well. Some fat goldfish to swim in a big glass bowl... in lieu of a dog. I need something alive to nurture. And we are never here. Fish are perfect.

This weekend we're all going to play tourist at the National Cherry Blossom Festival; hopefully I can take some impressive pictures during the fireworks tomorrow night over the Capitol and the monuments. Since we're going with orthodox friends, we're walking from Dupont. This was my idea because I want to pick up their phones and other things so they can have them after Shabbos. I probably care more than they do.

This is all based on the premise that at some point I will stop working. Unlikely.