Thursday, October 27, 2011

When you're happy like a fool, let it take you over.

I'm counting down to our trip to St. Thomas. I really hope the weather in DC is miserable and cold that week so we can send dozens of twitpics of us laying on the beach in the sun and make everyone back home so jealous.

I've been reflecting lately on how I got to this wonderful point in my life and how everything truly happened for a reason.

If I hadn't dated the wrong person, I wouldn't have met a dear friend—if I hadn't made that dear friend, I wouldn't have been able to get started in DC.

If I hadn't gotten into a car wreck I wouldn't have figured out that a car is a huge burden in DC and living without one is a weight off my chest.

I have been blessed daily since I've come here and I can't get over it sometimes. Something in the DC water just makes me thrive. I am healthier than I've been since high school, I am almost totally debt-free, and I have friends I adore. I am a total workaholic but I love everything I'm doing so it hardly feels like working—my firm is incredible and I feel overwhelmingly lucky to work with each and every person there.

And life is about to get even better. I am moving to the Hill in January and I will live with three new lovely girls (confession: I will miss Tabitha and Sarah terribly) in a darling old row house inches from my office and my gym and (most importantly) my coffee shop.

I know this isn't my usual deeply pensive blog post...

I have to admit that I've been putting all of my blogging energy into my (anonymous) fitness blog where I ramble on evangelically about spin classes and my amazing gym (I can seriously never move—it's like my church). Monday we're launching Politicalistas (I'm the managing editor) so that will probably also take a good chunk of my blogging bandwidth.

But this blog will always have my heart.