Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Where are my keys?

Two years ago, I went to get ice for BlogBash. I was driving through the dark in my Prius in post-Snowmageddon D.C., without a GPS, having never driven in the district before.

Astonishingly, I got lost.

Very lost. Welcome To Maryland lost.

I called everyone I could think of to help navigate me out of Georgetown and get me back to Penn Quarter. I cried. I had a full blown panic attack. I tried to sally on, pull myself together, and figure out where I was, but I had no idea D.C. was divided into quadrants. I was raised in cities with basic grid systems. The diagonal roads and circles were baffling—and yes, that night, I managed to tour every circle in the city.

Devon finally navigated me back to the party where I proceeded to meet a majority of the people I can't wait to see this weekend.

Tonight, as Devon drove in from Lynchburg he got hopelessly lost trying to find my house on the hill and it brought this memory flooding back.

Happy CPAC, everyone.