Monday, September 17, 2012


It's been difficult being dog-less in DC.

I've found myself involuntarily going up to people with dogs, making incoherent noises and otherwise just being socially inappropriate. I have no self-control.

I left Brinkley in Montgomery and have felt a massive void in my life ever since.

Look at that face.

It's been emotionally taxing—there is nothing more therapeutic and healing than hugging on a dog who loves you. When I go home and see Brinkley, he comes up to me completely beside himself with glee—does anyone love you like that?

A few months ago I pug-sat for two precious pugs and it was like a little visit to heaven. I instagrammed the hell out of those dogs. They slept in my bed. They followed me around my house like ducklings. They were angels.

But then I had to give them back. No bueno.

So Caroline and I had a great idea. When we want things, we ask for them. And we have a pretty great track record for getting what we want.

So we asked for the pugs. No, their owners weren't going out of town for the weekend—we just wanted to borrow their children.

Magically, they said yes.

Best weekend ever.