Sunday, January 26, 2014

Prepare to be Annoyed

So my friend and favorite fitness blogger Ericka cooked up this awesome fitness challenge I couldn't pass up.

I'm really excited about this challenge because I love core work probably more than anything else... BUT I'm nervous because of the rules of the contest...

Every single day I have to Instagram/Tweet about the challenge using the hashtag #CoreCommit.

You're probably thinking "... so?"

The thing is... I don't want to fill all my friend's feeds with HAY LOOK AT MY ACTS OF FITNESS! like I'm some sort of athlete. It's self-important.

Of course I love seeing updates/reading posts from people like Ericka and Allison or my other gym friends - but for some reason I can only imagine nobody would really be interested in seeing mine.

But... for a chance to win Lululemon or Fabuletics... sorry guys, prepare to be annoyed.

CORE-ction (do you see what I did there???): I can IG or Tweet daily - not both - so that should make it waaaaay more bearable. Carry on.