Saturday, March 29, 2014

Well that was dumb.

So here I am, post-Whole 30 and let me tell you: That was dumb.

30 days of green tea instead of lattes, water instead of wine, chicken salad instead of burgers, I don't ever want to look at zucchini again... and guess what?

My workouts were sluggish, my strength and energy levels hit the floor, and I lost four pounds.

Oh, strike that, I ate a burger at LAX waiting for my redeye to NYC because, damn it, I wanted a burger and didn't want to be that moron putting my bun to the side... so then when I got home and stepped on the scale, I was at my starting weight.

Oh, so, so many expletives.

I missed all my workouts this past week because of travel—I did burpees and push ups in my hotel room to try to get myself pumped up for all the events we had, but I was exhausted and had to push myself through every single one.

So this is what I've determined: Whole 30 works for people who drink diet coke and beer and eat pasta everyday. 

Oh my gosh what magic—you lost weight when you stopped eating cheeseburgers and ate broccoli and salmon for a month? SORCERY!

I base this not just on my experience—my friends who also did Whole 30 and are also 90% clean eaters had the same results (read: no results).

So I'm adding quinoa, lentils, red wine, and chocolate back in. I'm adding hot sauces back in (try finding a good hot sauce without sugar—I bloody dare you). I'm taking sweet potatoes and red meat out.

Live your lives, people. Figure out what your body needs to fuel your workouts and lifestyle and eat that.