Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Astra inclinant, non necessitant.

Tonight I told my spin instructor that I'd taken Dayquil a few hours earlier and asked if that might present a problem in the class. He said it shouldn't cause any trouble but that I should listen to my body—which I took to mean that I should slow down or take off gear if I felt off.

It sounded like quality advice, but sadly I don't listen to my body... because my body is lazy. It tells me to slow down or take off gear when I know I can handle more, harder, faster. I focus on the music, the motivation from the instructor, and I don't listen to my legs telling me they're tired. If I listened to them, I'd stay home and eat M&Ms in a bubble bath, watching Donwton Abbey.

So as usual, I find this almost perfectly relates to how I live my life.

It's as though I walk around constantly seeking metaphors—bear with me.

If I failed to note it sooner (and I doubt I have), I move through each day with a series of detailed lists and absolutely cannot sleep in for the life of me. I want a personal laminator and Kate Spade day planner for my birthday. I don't listen to that part of my brain that tells me to coast through life. That part of my brain wants to move to St. Thomas and live on tequila. That part of my brain wants to leave my office every day after lunch and walk through museums.

I remind myself frequently that what I'm doing is worth the reward. In the gym, it's fitness; in work, it's success; in relationships, it's joy.

All that to say: laziness isn't bliss. So don't touch that gear.