Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shoulders back, cupcakes.

If I'm good at nothing else in my life, I can say with confidence that I'm exceptionally well-practiced in the art of reflection.

I take all criticism and failure as opportunities to change and become better—because there is always a next time.

Conservatives, unlike liberals, do not deify leaders—we see them as what they are: fallible men who act as mere instruments of our ideological thought.

Mitt was presidential. He was the best candidate we put forward in the primary and we would have been blessed to have his strong leadership and presence of integrity in the White House.

The problem was in the conservative ground game.

We didn't make the logical case for conservatism.

We let liberals define us.

We—in our ineffable willingness to keep faith in humanity—thought the producers would outvote the takers—and we failed.

Somewhere along the way, we engendered a generation almost wholly comprised of takers—men and women who openly curse those amongst them who innovate and create opportunities for others. It's wrenching.

But it's time for everyone to stop blaming Romney, look inward, and learn from this.

I've got a suitcase packed full of bikinis and gauzey dresses (thank you, Caroline).

My house is clean, my inbox clear, my pedicure tropical.

I'm getting out of the country for a little while—and guess what I won't be doing while I'm away? Reflecting on this election.